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It really shouldn’t be hard to answer the age-old question, “what do you do?” But for me it is. Every time someone asks me, all I think is, “Here we go again…”. Well for one, I work in the software industry. But let’s start by talking about what I DON’T do.

What I don't do

  1. I don’t do sales. I’m not cold calling people and asking them if they want to sign up for IBM Cloud and buy Watson APIs.
  2. I’m not a blogger. Ok, I obviously blog. Isn’t this a blog? Look, I love blogging, don’t get me wrong. But the primary purpose of my job is not to blog.
  3. I’m not a software developer. I don’t get issues, stories, requirements and deadlines, and report how much time it took me to complete each feature in the codebase.

Ok, so now that we have taken care of what I don’t do, let’s figure out what I actually do. Day to day that is. And trust me, it’s taken me a while to figure out what my role is. It’s a relatively new role too, so it’s a bit tough to define exactly what someone in my position is expected to do.

Mountain View

Developers get frustrated. That’s where I come in. Photo: twenty20.com

What I do

  1. I write code. No I don’t contribute to updating Facebook’s News Feed, but instead I have the freedom to code anything. Yup, as long as it is within my team’s ‘Emerging Tech’ umbrella (Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cognitive, and Data Science), I can build anything.
  2. I present my projects. I go to meet ups. I go to lunch and learns. I present at meet ups. (Well not yet, I’m still working on that one). I present at lunch and learns. This is all with the goal of maybe one day presenting at a big conference.
  3. I talk to developers. I post YouTube and blog tutorials, and eagerly wait for developers to comment. Most of the times they say something like:

“I had some issues during this process. And need your help.” — YouTuber that was confused with my tutorial

But sometimes, just sometimes, they say something like this:

“Can’t tell you how much this helped me. I really appreciate it, learned a ton. I like that it was clear and focused. Keep doing what you’re doing!” — YouTuber that liked my tutorial

Regardless, my job is to help developers.

Developer Evangelism

So, my job falls under the umbrella of “Developer Relations”. I solve problems. If the problem can be solved with an IBM solution, great. If not, that’s fine too. You might be thinking:

“Wow, all you do is help others? How does your company make money?”

Well, let’s just say there is an excess of frustrated developers out there. So, somehow or another, they keep me employed. So back to the question of, “What do you do?”

So, what do I tell them? Do I go down the road of explaining in detail, “Well, I’m a hybrid of a software dev and a tech dude that goes to conferences and talks at meet ups”? Sometimes that can be too much information, and that’s never any fun. So, I usually stick to saying,” I work in software.” If need be, I can explain more. Anyways, as always, thanks for reading. I should probably get back to coding. I write and blast Twitter enough as it is. Happy Thursday!

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