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I'm a software developer who likes to explore new places.

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Feb 13, 2018

How Hyperledger blockchain tracks your fish from ocean to plate

Look, it’s been a long day. 7:15 wake up, 7:30 call, work, gym, bike to work, eat, bike to meetup, take notes, talk, network, come home, see a nice juicy piece of salmon on the table. Nice slab of salmon sitting out. WHAT? Yup, you heard me right. I walk into my flat a few minutes past 9PM, back from the Hyperledger Meetup. And I just see a raw piece of salmon sitting out. ...Read More

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Watson Second

First steps with

Intro to Web Development:

Watson Conversation
API Tutorial

Watson Tone Analyzer
API Tutorial

Watson Language Translation
API Tutorial

Create a Blog Site in 15 minutes

Create a Blog Site Part 2


Blockchain Bean: A blockchain network based on the coffee supply chain.

Blockchain Bean: A blockchain network tracking the supply chain of a coffee retailer.

A language translation app that detects the tone of the user.

An app to make cognitive decisions using product reviews evaluated by Watson NLU.


Dual Match: #1 UCLA vs #1 UCSD

Intercollegiate Doubles Semifinal

Giving a concussion :(

Singles vs West Florida


I enjoy writing code and being outside. I’m currently working as a Developer Advocate for IBM, promoting IBM’s Platform-As-A-Service Bluemix. I graduated from UC San Diego in March 2017 with a double major in Computer & Management Science. I played tennis for the UC San Diego Men’s Tennis Team where I was awarded team MVP, and reached a NCAA National Ranking of 13 with partner Alex Miaule. When I was not on the court, I was in the classroom or at office hours trying to excel in my classes. If you want to learn a bit more about my career at UC San Diego, click here. I currently coach tennis in my free time, through a website called Thumbtack. If you are interested in a tennis lesson in the San Francisco Bay Area, find out more here.

I have a bit under 3 years of coding experience, with my first completed coding class coming in June of 2014 at UC San Diego. Ever since then, I have been determined to hone my skills and improve every day. Just under a year after I started coding, I got my first internship at Achieve Internet and gained industry web-development experience. Using Drupal and a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, I developed sites and worked closely with the full-time engineers. After that, I started developing my own iOS apps using Swift, and playing around with web-development on my own.

All of the content on this site is solely my own, and does not reflect IBM’s positions or opinions.


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